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Crabgrass is a webcomic about two friends - Kevin and Miles. The strip is created by Tauhid Bondia and it showed up on GoComics in June, 2019, even though the first strip was dated for April 5, 2019.

The story

Crabgrass is settled in early 80’s. Lots of stories takes place in a small town, called Crabgrass Drive. First story arc starts when Miles (called Curtis back then) moves into the town and meets Kevin. They become best friends and then, they decided to be blood brothers.


  • Kevin
  • Miles
  • Miles' parents
  • Kevin's mom
  • Kevin's siblings - Kyle, Krystal and Kody
  • Carla Nichols - Miles' crush
  • Maxine - a school bully

Random strips

The first Crabgrass strip!

The moment, when Kevin and Miles became blood brothers forever.

One of the first good gags.


The Towel Revenge.jpg
Secret Agents.jpg

Prank Day copycat.

This strip celebrates one year of Crabgrass.